Author Guidelines

  1. Manuscript Submission:

1.1. Authors are invited to submit their original research articles, reviews, and short communications through the online submission system.

1.2. Manuscripts should be prepared according to the journal’s formatting guidelines, available on the journal website.

  1. Manuscript Preparation:

2.1. Manuscripts should be written in English and adhere to the journal’s specific formatting and style guidelines.

2.2. Authors should include a title page with the title, author names, affiliations, and corresponding author’s contact information.

2.3. Abstracts should be clear and concise, providing a summary of the study’s objectives, methods, results, and conclusions.

  1. Originality and Ethical Considerations:

3.1. Authors must ensure that their submissions are original and have not been previously published or under consideration elsewhere.

3.2. Manuscripts should adhere to ethical standards, and any potential conflicts of interest should be disclosed.

  1. Authorship and Acknowledgments:

4.1. All authors should have made substantial contributions to the research. The corresponding author must ensure that all co-authors have reviewed and approved the manuscript.

4.2. Acknowledgments should be included for funding sources, research grants, and contributions from individuals or organizations.

  1. References:

5.1. Citations and references should follow a standard citation style (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago) as specified in the journal guidelines.

  1. Figures and Tables:

6.1. Figures and tables should be clear, labeled, and submitted in an editable format. High-resolution images are encouraged.

  1. Review and Publication Process:

7.1. Submitted manuscripts will undergo a peer-review process. Authors can track the status of their submissions through the online system.

7.2. Accepted manuscripts will be subject to a final review and editing process before publication.

  1. Open Access Policy:

8.1. Information regarding the journal’s open access policy, fees, and licensing options should be provided.

  1. Copyright and Permissions:

9.1. Authors are required to transfer copyright to the journal upon acceptance. Permissions for the use of copyrighted material must be obtained by the authors.

  1. Indexing and Abstracting:

10.1. The journal is indexed in

    , ensuring global visibility.

    1. Contact Information:

    11.1. For any inquiries or assistance, authors can contact the editorial office.


    1. Submission:
      • Authors submit their manuscripts through the online submission system provided by the journal.
      • Manuscripts should adhere to the journal’s specific formatting and style guidelines.
    2. Initial Review:
      • The editorial team conducts an initial review to check for adherence to submission guidelines, ethical standards, and overall suitability for the journal.
      • Manuscripts that do not meet the initial criteria may be rejected at this stage.
    3. Peer Review:
      • Manuscripts passing the initial review undergo a peer-review process.
      • Experts in the field evaluate the manuscript for scientific validity, methodology, originality, and overall quality.
      • Authors may receive feedback and revision requests from reviewers.
    4. Revision and Resubmission:
      • Authors revise their manuscripts based on reviewer feedback and make necessary improvements.
      • Revised manuscripts are resubmitted for further evaluation.
    5. Editorial Decision:
      • The editor, considering reviewer recommendations, makes an editorial decision on whether to accept, reject, or request further revisions.
      • Decision categories may include acceptance, minor/major revision, or rejection.
    6. Final Review:
      • Accepted manuscripts undergo a final review for formatting, language, and adherence to journal style.
      • Authors may be required to address any remaining editorial concerns.
    7. Proofreading:
      • Authors receive proofs of their accepted manuscripts for final review and corrections.
      • This step ensures accuracy before publication.
    8. Copyright Transfer:
      • Authors typically transfer copyright to the journal upon acceptance.
      • Any necessary permissions for copyrighted material must be obtained.
    9. Publication:
      • Accepted and finalized manuscripts are published in the journal.
      • Published articles may be accessible online and, if applicable, in print.