About us

The Excel Publishing House established in 2011 presently publishes a journal in Engineering and Management Science. This journal is entirely devoted to specific fields covering various aspects of current development with thrust on applications in science and technology such as (Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science and Information Technology) and also the field  of Management Science like General Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource and Production.

With well qualified editor associated with the publication, it is also a platform for the author to publish their work in book and also the colleges and university department to publish their conference and seminar proceeding.

Our journals and books would be an asset to any institution’s science-engineering library. The quality of the people who freely give their time and effort to the journals and books, as editors, editorial board members and contributors, bears witness to the high esteem the journals and books are held in, in some circles. Of course, all content is fully refereed. The journals and books are well-established, properly organised and meet researcher’s needs.