Excel Journal of Engineering and Management Science invites innovative and preferably research-based articles in any area of Engineering & Management.

Practicing Engineer & Managers are welcomes to submit data-base case studies for publication. All authors should aim at advancing existing thought and/or practices in the relevant field and hence should endeavor to be original and insightful.

Submissions should indicate an understanding of the relevant literature and the contribution of the submissions to this body of research. Empirical articles should have an appropriate methodology and be able to relate their findings to the existing literature. Methodological articles must attempt to show how they further existing theory.

The review process: The review process followed by Excel Journal is systematic and thorough. Articles submitted to the journal are initially screened by the editor for relevance and overall quality as judged by the presentation of concepts, methodology and findings. Inappropriate or weak submissions are not forwarded for a formal review. Those considered appropriate are submitted to a double blind review process.

Potential contributors: Every research-oriented individual and institution, and every research student, faculty working anywhere in the world is invited to explore fruitful connections with Excel Publication.